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Meet the Hawaiian Ocean Transport “Ohana,”

which of course means family

We have a number of divisions that when combined, cover all of your shipping related needs. From above the water moves by both steamship and barge lines to access multiple islands, to planning a whole project, to a simple storage and relocation for you and your family, our team will create the perfect solution to satisfy your move.

American Fast Freight

American Fast Freight specializes in providing all of your freight forwarding needs to and from Alaska

Hawaiian Ocean Transport

Hawaiian Ocean Transport specializes in cargo needs to and from Hawaii and Guam

Caribbean Shipping Services

Caribbean Shipping Services tackles full loads and less than container shipments to Puerto Rico and all of the Caribbean

Project Logistics

Project Logistics handles all of our unusual cargo and difficult logistics projects.

American Relocation Services

American Relocation Services is your complete moving and storage company, whether you’re looking for consumer, military or commercial relocation needs

Distribution Services

Distribution Services is our third party warehousing and distribution service which provides order processing, cold storage delivery and distribution in Alaska

Global Transportation Services

We deliver unparalleled service for shipments moving inbound from Asia through the PNW to the Midwest and East Coast.

Grand Worldwide Logistics

Warehousing & Distribution Services with rail connected capabilities

AFF Global Logistics Office Locations