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Distribution Services

Warehousing for as long as you’d like

_20150630_090954Alaskan businesses and suppliers in the Lower 48 can use our local, climate-controlled, secure facilities in Anchorage, assuring your goods are safe and damage-free. This even includes our 16,000 square foot cold storage facility, which accommodates products from chill to freeze to “deep freeze.” temperatures. Whether you just need a few months of storage, or are looking for a one-time distribution or for the long term, we’re here for you. And we’ll even include intra-Alaska delivery.


The best freight move for your buck

We’ll move your cargo to Alaska from any city in the Lower 48 whether you need a full load (FTL) or single pallet (LTL). Once we’ve processed and inventoried your goods for storage, we’ll be on standby awaiting your distribution needs. By moving an entire container or multiple pallets at one time, your “Just In Time” inventory can be managed by us. This is a cost-efficient solution allowing you to move a large amount of cargo at one time, while having inventory supplied just like smaller, separate shipments.

Lighting fast processing

Our inventory management software allows us to enter your products, process individual orders, pick and pack the orders, and deliver them to your customers quickly and efficiently. Just transmit your orders electronically and get started. You’ll get a single, detailed invoice, no matter how many services are provided. Plus, we can tailor various reports to meet your specific needs.

Office Locations