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Fuel increase by Matson for Hawaii

We’ve been notified by Matson of a fuel surcharge increase for Hawaii.  Please see their notification below.

Matson has experienced a steady increase in fuel related costs over the last 11 months.  These costs have continued to outpace projections.

Accordingly, Matson will increase its fuel surcharge by 2.25 percentage points.  Effective Sunday, April 16, 2017, the fuel surcharge for Hawaii service will be increased from 25% to 27.25%; Guam/CNMI from 25.5% to 27.75%, and Micronesia from 30.5% to 32.75%.

Matson is continuing its longstanding practice of giving its customers 30 days’ notice for upward rate adjustments, and passing along decreases as soon as possible.  As always, we will continue to closely monitor trends in fuel costs and adjust the surcharge accordingly.