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(Update) HOT | Hawaii Vessel Delay – 2/25

Dear Valued Customer,

Hawaii Vessel Delay (Update 2/25)
Dear Valued Customer,
Further to our February 22 update, Matson vessel schedule adjustments are listed in detail below.
Matsonia V625W – Repairs are more extensive than originally projected.  When completed, Matsoniawill be placed in lay-up status and returned to pro-forma Friday afternoon departure, March 8.  Oakland freight booked to Matsonia V625W will be loaded to Kauai V012W.
Kauai V012W has been activated from reserve status to sail Oakland Tuesday afternoon, February 26, arriving Honolulu Saturday evening, March 2. Kauai will carry all freight booked to Matsonia V625W and Mahimahi V416W.
Manoa V409W sailed from Seattle early this morning to arrive Oakland Tuesday evening, February 26 in order to carry our early week freight from Northern California. Manoa V409W is scheduled to arrive Honolulu Sunday evening, March 3.
Additional vessel schedule adjustments are listed below:
SS Kauai V012W
            Oakland Departure:  Tuesday afternoon, February 26
            Honolulu Arrival:       Saturday evening, March 2
            Honolulu Departure: Sunday afternoon, March 3
            Seattle Arrival:           Friday morning, March 8
            Seattle Departure:     Saturday morning, March 9
            Honolulu Arrival:       Friday morning, March 15
MV Manoa V409W
            Seattle Departure:     Monday morning, February 25
            Oakland Arrival:         Tuesday evening, February 26
Oakland Departure:   Wednesday afternoon, February 27
            Honolulu Arrival:       Sunday evening, March 3
            Honolulu Departure:  Wednesday morning, March 6
            Oakland Arrival:         Sunday morning, March 10
            Oakland Departure:   Tuesday morning, March 12
Matsonia V625W
            Oakland Departure:   Friday afternoon, March 8
            Honolulu Arrival:       Tuesday evening, March 12
Our Hawaii neighbor island barge schedules will be adjusted to minimize delays to cargo availability.
If you have additional questions please contact your Transportation Consultant or Customer Service at (800) 642-6664.
Thank you for shipping with us!