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Winter Storm Service Delays – Effective 12/20-12/26

Dear Valued Customer,


We have been notified by our water carrier of service delays which will impact current sailings due to severe winter weather.  For further details please see below:


Due to major storms in the northwest, the Manoa 405 will not depart Tuesday @ 2:00 AM as normally scheduled.  The revised ETA to Oakland is Thursday morning (The Manoa arrives into Oakland from our Seattle port).  The plan is to have the vessel depart Friday @ 4:00 AM with arrival into Honolulu on Wednesday, 12/26.   There will be limited capacity to make cargo immediately available upon discharge but will do our best to accommodate everyone.


Revised Manoa 405 Schedule

  • Oakland ETA-     Thursday, 12/20 @ 8:00 AM
  • Oakland ETD-     Friday, 12/21 @ 4:00 AM (currently, we do not plan to have a night gate Thursday to accommodate the Manoa 405 departure the following morning)
  • Honolulu ETA-   Wednesday, 12/26 @ 6:00 AM


The Daniel K. Inouye 003 is still scheduled to depart Oakland pro-forma (Thursday- 2:00 AM).  There are no planned changes to this sailing.  The cutoff for the Daniel K. Inouye remains Wednesday @ 11:00 PM.